... Former Rep. John Delaney to address Politics & Eggs event in Bedford, N.H. Feb. 12 ...... Baker appoints Pyramid Hotels Group executive Warren Fields to Massport Board of Directors ...... DeLeo to choose Ways and Means chair in "next month or so," he says on Jan. 8 ...... DeLeo not a yes or no yet on new revenues, but says "you all know I'm not a fan of any broad-based taxes." ...... Flame retardant bill at center of a conflagration of early 2019 lobbying ...... Baker opts for limited remarks when asked about insurance discrimination bill ...... On education foundation budget issues, Baker hopes "that stuff will get resolved" on state's budget timeline ...... "There's general recognition that this issue should be dealt with" - Gov. Baker on ed funding challenges ...... After lawmakers left ed funding until late in session, Baker says "shortness on the timing" was an impediment ...... Baker: "I would argue the last four years have been bold" ...... Baker will file education bill as standalone legislation ...... Mayor Walsh to deliver State of the City address on Jan. 15 ...... DeLeo overwhelmingly re-elected to continue serving as House speaker, with 119 Democrats voting for him ...... Eight vote "present" in speaker's election - Elugardo, Gouveia, Hecht, Holmes, Kearney, Robinson, John Rogers, Scaccia ...... Spilka reelected as Senate president, her first full term in that post ...
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