... Baker's "future of transportation" commission to hold listening session in Amherst on Tuesday ...... Gonzalez, Massie to debate Thursday at WGBH, the day before Democrats meet up for convention in Worcester ...... Boston students to visit State House next week to ask House to take up education funding bills ...... UMass Boston officials set to testify before UMass committee Wednesday at One Beacon Street ...... Next scheduled UMass Board of Trustees meeting is June 20 at UMass Dartmouth ...... Business, health care groups plan Wednesday presser to announce health care cost control initiative ...... Kerry to help former EPA chief McCarthy launch new climate change initiative ...... Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress to hold its annual advocacy day on Thursday ...
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President Chandler and other senators entered the chamber at 12:50 p.m. Jack Hart and Jim Brett were present among others. Former Gov. Deval Patrick chatted with Sen. Boncore and then greeted Lynn Mayor Tom McGee. Former Sen. Dianne Wilkerson was seated in the First Division. Sen. Jehlen sat next to Sen. Rosenberg in the Second Division. Former Sen. Ben Downing arrived along with former Sen. Petruccelli. Sen. Forry chatted with Sen. DiDomenico at 12:59 p.m. Speaker DeLeo walked into the chamber at 12:59 p.m. and greeted senators. Treasurer Goldberg arrived in the well of the chamber at 1:01 p.m. Sen. Forry waved at President Chandler while greeting Treasurer Goldberg. Former President Murray stood on the rostrum speaking with Speaker DeLeo at 1:04 p.m. Mayor Walsh made his way down the aisle at 1:04 p.m., pausing to speak with officials along the way. Gov. Baker arrived at 1:08 p.m. Former Reps. Ben Swan and Tom Sannicandro were in attendance.

CONVENES: The Senate convened in the House chamber at 1:08 p.m. with President Chandler presiding.

PLEDGE: Members and guests stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Chandler said, We're saying goodbye to a  very beloved member of the Senate. I want to announce the presence of Terry Murray (Applause), Gov. Charlie Baker (Applause), Deval Patrick (Applause), Mayor Marty Walsh (Applause), the clerk of the Supreme Court, Maura Doyle (Applause), Treasurer Deb Goldberg, Israel Consul General Yahuda Yaakov (Applause), Tom McGee, Anthony Petruccelli, Ben Downing, Dianne Wilkerson, John Brennan (Applause). I apologize if I missed anyone.

Sen. Rush said, Thank you. Good afternoon. It is my highest honor and privilege on this extremely emotional occasion to say thank you to our friend Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry (Applause). Through you to the members of the general court and the Dorcena and Forry families (Applause), her husband Bill, her four beautiful children, thanks for allowing us to work with her (Applause).

Bill Forry waved from the gallery. Time was 1:15 p.m.

Sen. Rush said, Sen. Forry, it is with mixed emotions that we are here before you. Everyone is excited for your future, but we have a heavy heart for the absence you will leave. We consider you family and we all believe in you. (Applause). You have been thoughtful, deliberate, and you have been outspoken at times when things needed to be said. Thinking of your career reminds me of when someone hollered at President Truman, Give them hell. And he said, I just give them the truth and they think it's hell. Fifty seven years ago this January, someone stood on this rostrum - President Kennedy said, Courage, judgement, integrity, dedication. These are the qualities of the Commonwealth. Sen. Forry epitomized these words. The motto of Haiti - Unity is our strength. How appropriate. Her success is bringing people from all walks of life together to achieve the best outcome. She is intelligent, funny, motivate and driven, everything we all want to be. We're here to say thank you for your service, leadership, friendship, for always putting people first and for making Boston and Massachusetts a better place to live today. Thank you and God bless you all (Applause). 

President Chandler said, I ommited someone. I want to introduce Speaker Robert DeLeo (Applause).

Sen. Eldridge said, Wow. Thank you Madam President. Senate and House colleagues, distinguished guests, I am honored to say a few words about my former colleague and great friend. I'm very sad not to have her as a colleague anymore. The fact that I've talked to Linda as much since she left the Senate, speaks volumes about our friendship. With the senator, the personal is the political. Linda is real, with a big heart, a welcoming smile, a willingness to tell you what she thinks to your face - a common theme from Sen. Rush - but always there to stand by your side. You can see this by the fact that during budget week, she made sure the staff had hotdogs and hamburgers from Sullys (Applause). She provided support for thousands of Haitians in need from across Massachusetts. You can feel it in her voice - the power in her convictions, calling out homelessness, how unconscionable it is that you must live in a car before receiving shelter. She said, We are talking about children, homeless children. Linda's moral outrage comes straight from the heart. When I think of my friend, Sen. Dorcena Forry, I think about inclusion and representation. Do we think that regardless of race, gender identity, immigration status should be able to thrive and succeed? And what are we doing to make that vision a reality? She fought to make sure everyone had a seat at the table. As the daughter of Haitian immigrants, Linda has lived that American dream. Since Linda decided to leave, every news story notes now there is not a single black senator in the body. As a close friend, I have seen this impact of racism. When the Senate began its Senate last January, I watched in awe and tears of rage, when she called out the racism that President Trump encouraged. When I touched her hand and felt her trembling, I wondered, What is it like to be black in America? To her vigilance ending mass incarceration and providing economic opportunities for people of color, she has fought racism, prejudice and xenophobia. She has connected with people from all walks of life. Representation matters. Who represents the wonderful diversity of Massachusetts matters. I saw that last year when my sister and her biracial children visited the State House. I wanted them to meet Linda. She made her way to Emmet's pub where we were having lunch. I saw their eyes light up. Someone has the same job as their uncle Jamie who looks like them. I want to thank her for 23 years of public service, courage, excitement for public private pahtnerships and true friendship. Thank you and we miss you so much. (Applause)

President Chandler said, It's appropriate that this day is the day she delivers this address.

Members and guests stood and applauded as Linda Forry stepped to the microphone on the rostrum.

Forry said, Sit, c'mon. Thank you all so much. My dear colleagues, Gov. Baker, Gov. Patrick, Mayor Walsh, Treasurer Goldberg, President Murray. I want to thank my good friends who spoke. They are the best. Thank you for your friendship. They are my crew so give it up for them (Applause). And to think folks say a progressive Dem and a moderate Dem can't get along - it's all baloney. Thank you Sen. Rush for serving in the military as a lt. Commander. (Applause). We didn't plan it this way, but it's so appropriate. I've loved this job and you, my colleagues. My heart is full today. It's full of the victories and the laughters we've shared. This is where my legislative career began. I was sworn in with two other freshman, including Leader Mike Moran, who I go to for advice. It's been a remarkable journey these 13 years. That first year we tackled equal marriage. What a way to start a career. I'm so proud that we stood tall - people from both sides of the aisle. My career started in 1996. I interviewed with chief of staff for Rep. Charlotte Golar Richie. I'm so grateful they took a chance on a young woman who was more interested in fashion desingn than public policy (Applause). I thank my champions - for me that was the honorable Jim Brett. There he is. And my priest, rest his soul, Father Bill Francis. To leader Byron Rushing. To Marie St. Fleur, Sen. Dianne Wilkerson and Gloria Fox who are here today, thank you (Applause). And Rep. Ben Swan, all right, hey hey. C'mon Ben. (Applause). These women and men helped me see my path. It was important to me as a woman of color. I was elected a year before Deval Patrick first appeared on the scene and I was proud to work on his campaign. I was so excited to elect the greatest president in my lifetime, Barack Obama (Applause). We miss his leadership, but we'll have a chance to feel that way again some day. I see members of the city council, our president Andrea Campbell, thank you for being here. My friend, Councilor Frank Baker (Applause). I was fortunate to serve under Sal DiMasi, whose wife Debbie is here. Sal saw promise from a young woman from Dorchester. We're happy he's home. Speaker DeLeo, you supported me at every turn. You've been a mentor, a friend, a wonderful leader for the House. Thank you for your leadership. (Applause) It was hard to leave this chamber but when I did in 2013, my friends in the Senate made it so wonderful, my fellow Dorchester girl, Therese Murray. Thanks for breaking down the barriers and making me feel welcome and empowered. I'd hear, Dorchester, and I would respond, In the House. So I wish we had more time together but we made the best of it. Thank you to Sen. Rosenberg for bringing me into your leadership team. To President Chandler, Madam President, thanks for showing leadership when we needed it the most. I am in your corner and I know you will succeed. Thanks to Katie O'Connor Ives, L'Italien, Moore, my Boston delegation, the women's caucus.To Gov. Baker, we have worked so well together and I admire how you approach your work even when we disagree. You have heard me out, and you have given my constituents your good faith and best effort. I extend that feeling to all my colleagues who happen to belong to a different party - Bruce Tarr and Brad Jones. I've never let the Ds and Rs get in my way, and I've loved working with each of you. (Applause). There is no greater privilege than to serve. I'm so grateful to the people for sending me here to represent them. Every day I came here I would think of you. I feel we accomplished so much - paths on the Neponset River, improving business districts, new housing and train stations, and there's more in the pipeline. We've created jobs and made it easier to access them. We created new pathways to wealth and security. It's been an honor to be one of your voices at the State House. I leave here knowing we are in good hands. We have a good partner in Mayor Marty Walsh. Thank you mayor. I want to thank Marty for your leadership and friendship, and for being a good neighbor. He's out there shoveling all the time. To the women and men I've worked with, I salute you. I want to thank everyone from Team LDF over the years. Some of them are here today. To my current crew - thank you. To all the wonderful people who believe in public service, the clerks in the House and Senate. To court officers, the business offices, to the incredible State House rangers, who are on the front lines protecting us every day. Thank you. (Applause). Because I was the only elected Haitian leader for a time, we worked overtime for constituents who didn't live in the district. To my Haitian brothers and sisters, I will always be your advocate. Together we are stronger and that will never, ever change. Thank you. (Applause). The immigrant story is the American story. I'm a first generation American. Only in this country can you start from humble beginnings and become a state senator.

Sen. Forry spoke in Haitian creole. (Applause)

Sen. Forry said, As you know, this work isn't possible without the sacrifices of others. Jack Hart, thank you for being here. I see City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. I hope President Bill Bulger is listening and watching. I say thank you to him. I have had support from my family - my mother Annie Dorcena. (Applause)

Annie Dorcena stood and waved from the gallery.

Sen. Forry said, She cared for our children. My father Andre can't be here because he has Alzheimer's, but my mom is amazing. My gramma will be 104 in a few weeks. She is praying and singing for all of us right now. Literally she is. They encouraged us to be good citizens. There is no political adviser in the country I would listen to over my mother. (Appaluse) To Bill, the love of my life - we'll be married 18 years this year. He has encouraged, counseled and loved me. He actually pushed me to run. Mayor Walsh was state rep. Bill's a journalist. Thank you to the press. Thank you for your work. (Applause) Marty said, Who do you think should run? Bill hung up the phone and said, You should run for the seat. I said, Are you crazy? Since being a rep, I had three more babies. It may have appeared I had children around budget time. To my children who are here - John Patrick, who is 14. Stand up. To Conor Forry, who's 11. Stand up for mommy. To Madeline, who is 7. Wave. And to my baby Norah, wave to mommy. I say thank you to them. Did you see the baby? To Ed Forry, my father in law, a constant source of support, including helping us organiz the St. Patrick's Day breakfast. Thank you, Dad, for all you have done. To my brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts. Wave guys. To my cousins. I want to highlight Carolyn and Phillip. When we had a special election in 2004. We had a storm. My cousins were by my side. So stand up. To my best friend, Tiffany, a girl down the street in Roxbury - the community we came from the Dudley Street Triangle. I didn't think Tiffany would be here. We've been friends since we were 15 years old. I take my leave from this House. We've made this a better commonwealth. There is no one in this building whom I can't work with or laugh with and find common ground. We have shown what's possible when good people come together. We can use more of this Massachusetts form of leadership across our country. I'm excited to move into the private sector and join John Fish, but I will not be a stranger. And I won't promise I won't be back some way, some how. You never know what tomorrow brings. For the people, the people.

As. Linda Forry choked up, members and guests stood and applauded. Time was 1:56 p.m.

Linda Forry said, To the people I've been honored to represent, this is not a forever goodbye. This is a time to say, Thank you and I love you. Thank you and God bless.

REMARKS IN JOURNAL: Sen. Tarr moved that the remarks be printed in the journal. The motion carried.

President Chandler said, We have a representative from Congressman Capuano.

A woman said, If Donald Trump were not president, Mike Capuano would be here today. He has a war to fight, so I'm representing him. This is a congressional recognition from Congressman Capuano, who has heartfelt gratification.

Sen. Tarr said, Thank you. I rise just to explain that I made a motion, and in a moment I'll ask everyone to rejoin us in affirming that motion. We've heard stirring oratory about the fact that in this country at this time, if you stand up and make your mission passionate representation, you can change the future of your neighborhood, your city, your state, and this country. We've heard testimonial about the remarkable lady that Linda is, and about the virtues she has brought to these chamber. The fact that she has never chosen to overlook inclusion and bipartisan engagement, and how energizing has that been. And so we have heard that testimony, and I want to thank my good friend for bringing those things. As we think about that shining example we know that she will not be silent in the future, and we hope earnestly that we will not lose communication. And on Valentine's Day, we know she will always have a place in our hearts. We carry her example with us for people to read long after this day, so they can remember what has been said here, I've made a motion for all of the remarks to be printed in the journal. I renew that motion, and I hope you will ask us all to give a vocal affirmation.

President Chandler said, I ask that all the remarks be printed.

Members and guests said, Aye, and the motion prevailed.

ADJOURNS: The Senate adjourned to meet again at 2 p.m. in Gardner Auditorium. Time was 2:04 p.m.

At 2:11 p.m., with no senators in the auditorium, a court officer tested the microphones on the rostrum. At 2:13 p.m., the clerk arrived, followed by Sen. Lesser, who entered the chamber and then turned around and walked out. Sen. Rosenberg arrived at 2:15 p.m. and took his seat.

At 2:24 p.m., Senate President Chandler stood to the side of the rostrum, speaking with her legal counsel and Sens. Spilka, Pacheco and Rodrigues.

CONVENES: Senate President Chandler called the Senate to order at 2:29 p.m.

PLEDGE: Members, staff and guests, rose and recited the pledge of allegiance.

QUORUM CALL: At 2:30 p.m. Sen. Tarr doubted the presence of a quorum. Senate President Chandler said a quorum was not present and instructed court officers to close the doors and ask the members to come in.

Senate President Chandler said a quorum was present at 2:39 p.m. She asked members to take their seats and subdue their conversation.

RESOLUTIONS: The Senate adopted a Sen. Friedman resolution recognizing Massachusetts athletes in the Olympics.

FALL RIVER BRIDGE: The Senate adopted an emergency preamble on H 4031 designating a certain bridge in the city of Fall River as the Ronald Costa Bridge.

RECESS: The Senate observed a brief recess.

STUDENT TUITION RECOVERY FUND: Question came on acceptance of a Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee adverse report on S 112 establishing a student tuition recovery fund. The Senate adopted a Sen. L'Italien amendment substituting the bill S 112 for the adverse report, and referred it to the Ways and Means Committee.

CREDIT FREEZES: Question came on acceptance of a Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee adverse report on S 130 removing fees for security freezes and disclosures of consumer credit reports. The Senate adopted a Sen. L'Italien amendment substituting a new bill S 2304  relative to consumer protection from security breaches for the adverse report, and referred it to the Ways and Means Committee.

ONLINE LOTTERY: Question came on acceptance of a Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee adverse report on S 134 relative to online lottery products. The Senate adopted a Sen. L'Italien amendment substituting the bill S 134 for the adverse report, and referred it to the Ways and Means Committee.

SICK LEAVE: The Senate adopted a Ways and Means amendment inserting an emergency preamble on S 2251 establishing a sick leave bank for Linda Thernize-Williams, an employee of the Department of Transitional Assistance. The amended bill was ordered to a third reading and then engrossed.

SHREWSBURY LAND: The Senate concurred with the House's referral to the State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Committee a Rep. Kane and Sen. Moore petition authorizing the commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey certain parcels of land to the town of Shrewsbury. State Administration and Regulatory Oversight.,

President Chandler banged the gavel and said, It's very hard to hear.

MIDDLETON CHARTER: The Senate enacted H 3725 relative to the Middleton town charter.

BARNSTABLE - SEWERS AND PRIVATE WAYS: The Senate enacted H 3953 relative to the sewer construction and private way maintenance and improvement fund in the town of Barnstable.

IPSWICH TOWN MANAGER: The Senate enacted H 4087 relative to the town manager in the town of Ipswich.

NORTH ANDOVER: The Senate enacted H 4126 exempting Nicholas L. Martone from the maximum age requirement for firefighters in the town of North Andover

RECESS: President Chandler called a brief recess at 2:47 p.m.

BOXFORD EXEMPTION: The Senate ordered to third reading S 2286 to provide property tax exemptions for certain nonprofit senior housing in Boxford.

WESTBOROUGH SCHOOLS: The Senate ordered to third reading H 3992 establishing a revolving fund for a school learning lab within a vocational-technical program operated by the public schools in the Town of Westborough.

WESTBOROUGH FUND: The Senate ordered to third reading H 4028 establishing a special fund in the town of Westborough.

AYER CLERK: The Senate ordered to third reading H 4077 establishing the Appointed Office of Town Clerk in the Town of Ayer.

AYER TREE WARDEN: The Senate ordered to third reading H 4078 establishing the Appointed Office of Tree Warden in the Town of Ayer.

AYER TREASURER: The Senate ordered to third reading H 4079 establishing the Appointed Position of Treasurer-Collector in the Town of Ayer.

NORTHBRIDGE BENEFITS: The Senate ordered to third reading H 4084 relative to the funding of the Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund in the Town of Northbridge.

HEALTH CARE CONFIDENTIALITY: Question came on ordering to third reading S 591 to protect access to confidential healthcare, coming first on a Ways and Means amendment S 2296.

Sen. Tarr asked for an explanation of the pending bill and amendment.

RECESS: The Senate stood in a brief recess at 2:52 p.m. on motion of Sen. Tarr.

Sen. Spilka said, I'd like to start by thanking the gentlemen from Acton and Springfield who have worked on this in their committees. Patient confidentiality is a fundamental element of the patient-provider relationship and is essential to patients feeling comfortable to access care and communicate with their providers. Individuals are reluctant to share information when confidentiality is not assured, because they fear that their very, very personal information may be disclosed. Despite widespread recognition of the importance, some private insurers -- not all -- have billing and claims practices that unintentionally but routinely violate basic confidentiality protections for anyone that's covered as a dependant on another person's policy. Due to fears that a parent may see a summary of payments, some young adults or minors may choose to forego certain types of treatment or use a publicly funded community treatment in order to assure confidentiality, which shifts cotss. In cases of domestic violence, disclosure of health information to an abusive partner may make that violence worse.

President Chandler banged the gavel and said, We cannot hear the lady at the microphone.

Sen. Spilka said, The prior head of the Connors Center brought this to my attention. We had been working on gender disparities. She said we're finding some women don't come to us out of fear their explanation of benefits will go to their abusive spouse. They are simply afraid their partner will find out they talked to someone else about their situation and they'll be subject to further abuse. We talked about how we can prevent it and we came up with this simple but tremendously important bill. This bill remedies that by requiring insurance carriers issue the common summary of payment forms, the explanation of benefits, at the member level. It allows each insured member to choose their preferred method of receiving these forms. Through email or to a PO box or whatever, and that person can designate that. It requires the division of insurance to define sensitive health care services that can't be identified on the summary and allows patients to request suppression of the forms for a specific service or procedure. The division would develop a plan to educate provider and consumers of rights and responsibilities. This bill is a crucial step to ensure that all residents, and I stress that word all residents of the commonwealth can not only get access but ensure access when needed to secure health care. I hope people will support this bill.

REPUBLICAN CAUCUS: Sen. Tarr moved for a Republican caucus until 3:30 p.m. pursuant to Rule 13B.

RECESS: The Senate entered recess at 2:59 p.m.

Most Democrats remained in the chamber. President Chandler was seated on the rostrum at 3:12 p.m., speaking to Sen. Pacheco. Sen. Montigny spoke on his cellphone while Sen. Keenan talked with Sens. Lesser and DiDomenico.

At 3:29 p.m., Sen. deMacedo sat with Sen. Rosenberg, Sen. Fattman was in his seat, and Sen. O'Connor spoke with Sens. Timilty and Rush at the back of the chamber.

RETURNS: President Chandler called the Senate to order at 3:34 p.m.

Amendment 1 was withdrawn.

TARR AMENDMENT 2: The Senate adopted an amendment titled Consent.

RECESS: The Senate observed a brief recess.

SPILKA AMENDMENT 3: The Senate adopted an amendment titled Corrective amendment

Tarr amendment 4 was withdrawn.

The Ways and Means amendment was ADOPTED. The amended bill was ordered to third reading. The bill was ENGROSSED on a voice vote.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE INCENTIVES: Question came on ordering to third reading S 676 expanding the community college training incentive program, coming first on a Ways and Means amendment S 2297.

TARR AMENDMENT 1: The Senate adopted an amendment tilted Finish line.

The Ways and Means amendment was ADOPTED. The bill was ordered to a third reading.

RECESS: President Chandler called a brief recess at 3:37 p.m.

Sen. Donoghue said, Good afternoon. Senate bill 2297 broadens the course eligibility requirements for the community college training incentive program, supporting offerings aimed at closing the skills gap. The community college training incentive program encourages public community college training opportunities that minimize the shortage of skilled workers and raise economic opportunities. Grants are awarded to expand vocational offerings and develop partnerships with employers. This sounds about as controversial as motherhood and apple pie, but a close reading of the incentive reveals a fundamental flaw that this bill will correct. Currently, the commonwealth can award grants for not-for-credit courses. Madam President, I can't hear myself talk.

President Chandler said, This matter will be temporarily laid aside.

Sen. Donoghue said, No, I just wasn't able to hear myself.

President Chandler banged the gavel and said, The lady cannot hear. Please listen.

Sen. Donoghue said, What this bill does is it corrects what was probably unintentional, a limitation. The grant does not provide for credit courses, only not-for-credit courses. No sound policy rationale exists for this. A course for biotechnology technician would be ineligible. That degree is important for workforce development. This would expand the program so community colleges can better educate our workforce. We passed this unanimously last session. To train the workers of tomorrow we need so desperately, I urge passage.

Sen. Donoghue requested a roll call vote. There was support.

President Chandler said, This matter however will temporarily be laid aside.

RECESS: President Chandler called a brief recess at 3:41 p.m.

RETURNS: The Senate returned to order at 3:42 p.m.

FALL RIVER BRIDGE: The Senate enacted H 4031 designating a certain bridge in the city of Fall River as the Ronald Costa Bridge.

RECESS: The Senate stood in recess at 3:43 p.m.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE INCENTIVES: Sen. Chandler recognized Sen. Tarr, who asked that no action be considered taken on Amendment 1 to S 2297 expanding the community college training incentive program. There was no objection.

Sen. Tarr said, The redraft I offer creates a feasibility study for a so-called Finish Line Grant Program that would come to the financial aid of students at risk of not finishing their course of study because of financial incapacity. We hope to ensure a student at risk of not completing be able to do so through supplemental resources to be provided after the first year. It is a shame to lose students who we have invested in and who have done good and diligent work but suddenly find themselves with an inability to finish. Ultimately we hope this program could make sure that doesn't happen and we don't lose those students. I hope the redrafted amendment is adopted.

RECESS: The Senate at 3:48 p.m. stood in recess on motion of Sen. Tarr.

TARR AMENDMENT 1: The Senate adopted the redrafted amendment titled Finish line.

The amended bill was ordered to a third reading.

RECESS: President Chandler called a brief recess at 3:51 p.m.

BY A ROLL CALL VOTE of 35-0, the bill was ENGROSSED.

EXTENSION ORDER - ENERGY COMMITTEE: Question came on an order from the Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy granting the committee until Feb. 21 to make its final report on certain documents relative to monthly minimum reliability contributions.

Sen. Tarr rose for a point of parliamentary inquiry. He said, I'm hoping the clerk could inform the membership of the number of bills in this particular order and the length of time.

The clerk said, There are two bills and it would be extended for one week. President Chandler repeated him.

Sen. Tarr said, I want to take note of the very judicious use of this extension order. It's a credit to the chair and it's certainly of the nature we've been trying to encourage in terms of careful and responsible use. I hope the order is adopted.

The order was adopted.

CRAFT BREWERS: Question came on acceptance of a Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee adverse report on S 136 restoring contract rights to craft brewers. Sen. L'Italien offered an amendment substituting the bill S 136 for the adverse report.

Sen. Moore said, I agree this is an important issue. It's been lingering for many years, but I think more compromise and negotiation has to be made and I would like to lay this issue on the table.

President Chandler said, Under Rule 24 the matter was laid on the table until the next session.

IN MEMORY OF ROBERT CRANE: Sen. Rush moved that the Senate adjourn today in memory of Robert. Q. Crane.

Sen. Rush said, The Honorable Robert Q. Crane passed away January 5, leaving his legacy as the longest serving constitutional officer in Mass. Bob grew up in Boston and graduated from Boston English in 1943. He joined the Marine Corps and fought in the battle of Okinawa. He went on to study at Boston College and was elected to the House in 1956. He was elected interim treasurer in 1964 and went on to win the first of many general elections. Treasurer Crane was the first chair of the state Lottery, the most successful in the nation. He was an outstanding politician and gave back in many ways. He retired in 1991 and became an executive and continued providing tetneritatment across the commonwealth with his wonderful singing voice as a member of the Treasury Notes. I had the pleasure to accompany him on many occasions.

The Senate observed a moment of silence. The motion prevailed.

ADJOURNMENT ORDER: The Senate adopted a Sen. Pacheco order to meet next Thursday at 11 a.m. without a calendar.

ADJOURNS: The Senate adjourned at 4:04 p.m. President Chandler Chandler said, The Senate adjourns to meet next Monday at 11 a.m. without a calendar.

Senators began leaving the chamber. Sen. Chandler banged the gavel and said, The Senate will meet again tomorrow. The time was 4:05 p.m.

DISCLAIMER: Bill texts and histories are available at www.malegislature.gov. All votes are voice votes, unless otherwise noted. Bills ordered to third reading have been given initial approval. To engross a bill is to pass it and send it to the other branch. The last of three votes taken on bills that reach the governor's desk is the vote on enactment. So, it's third reading (initial approval), engrossment (passage) and enactment. The News Service coverage of legislative debate is an accurate summary of remarks, not a verbatim transcript.


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